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We have collected the Melon Sandbox Melon Playground mods on various such as:npc mods ,weapons, animal mods, cars mods, furniture, tanks and technics, different buildings and many other..

Any of Melon Sandbox (Melon Playground Mods) distributed on melmod.com is completely virus-free and free to download at no cost.

The melon playground 17.0 IOS update supports .melmod .melsave mods installation

How to install mods in Melon Playground IOS/IPhone

  • Melon Playground 18.0(Melon Sandbox)
    Melon sandbox Update 18.0.9! 2nd Anniversary Update! Added: -New feature: Workshop! Download content rightfrom the game! First Mods and Saves pack available in Workshop!
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I found out about Melon Playground at the end of 2021. It became my favorite game instantly.

Why did I decide to start my website?

Well, I’ve always been keen on an idea of opening my little blog where I can share Melon Playground mods,provide to download free melon playground mods, Thus now I have melmod.com.


1.Open melmod.com

2.Download the mod from the description

2. In this way, you can get the desired mod (mod file suffix is ​​.melmod).

3.To add the item or skin a MELMOD file contains to the Android version of Melon Playground, place the file in the following folder:



4. After completing these operations, restart the game to use the mod you imported.

How to install mods in Melon Playground IOS/IPhone

1.Download  mods from the description

2.Download a mod and open the files app

3.If the file is a .zip click on the file to open its contents

4.Open the ios system comes with a folder

5.Select a .melmod or .melsave and click share

6.Click on the MelonPlayground icon to share it to MelonPlayground

7.Enter the game and click on ADD.

mods for melon playground ios does not support install multiple at once

After downloading the mod, please load the mod once in the game and then enter the map to use the mod. If it does not take effect, please restart the game.

After downloading different modules, each module may be placed in different categories in the menu bar on the left side of the map, please pay attention to find it.

Due to the problem of the game itself, using too many mods to load may cause black screen and freeze problems, which can be solved by clearing the mod function and restarting the game.

melon playground downloadable content

NameMelon Sandbox 18.0.6
Size110 MB
Downloads10 Million
release dateSeptember 12, 2023

Melon Sandbox Android game that was made to replace the PC version of People Playground, although it is not the same developer. Many players have been waiting for such a game on the phone for a long time, and at the end of 2021, Melon was released for Android.

Unlike the full-fledged computer version, there is a slightly limited functionality, but there are mods that you can download from us and improve your gameplay by creating exciting videos for tik tok or YouTube.

Melon Playground mods are added almost every day, each of the modifications is a separate work of some player. They can be related to a specific category, such as weapons, cars, or tanks, or be related to a movie, game, or cartoon character.

Here you can melon playground downloadable Melon mods via a direct link. Each modification has a description, screenshots, version and download link. In separate files there are packs that need to be unpacked and thrown into the mods folder.

How to install melon playground APK?

  1. Tap the downloaded melon playground APK file.
  2. Touch install.
  3. Follow the steps on the screen.

How to install melon playground?

  1. Download the APK file.
  2. Install the Split APK Installer app
  3. Open the app and tap on “Install APK”.

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