Melon Playground 13.4

Melon Playground 13.4
December 21, 2022
6.0 and up

Melon Playground 13.4
Update 13.4!
Added: – Weather Changed: – Present – Main menu Fixed: – Layer bugs

13.2 It’s a pity that it still unable released on Google play store

Because Melon Playground 13.2 package name changes,So 13.2 MODS installation path is



You can also continue to use versions before 13.1

Melon Playground is a sandbox-style Android game that was made to replace the PC version of People Playground, although it is not the same developer. Many players have been waiting for such a game on the phone for a long time, and at the end of 2021, Melon was released for Android.

Mods Latest Updates

Unlike the full-fledged computer version, there is a slightly limited functionality, but there are mods that you can download from us and improve your gameplay by creating exciting videos for tik tok or YouTube.

Melon Playground mods are added almost every day, each of the modifications is a separate work of some player. They can be related to a specific category, such as weapons, cars, or tanks, or be related to a movie, game, or cartoon character.

Here you can download Melon mods via a direct link. Each modification has a description, screenshots, version and download link. In separate files there are packs that need to be unpacked and thrown into the mods folder.

Super high freedom pixel style sandbox mobile game, players can obtain various weapons in different maps, such as hammers, axes, swords to vent attacks on the puppet created
How To Fix melon playground not working

Update 13.4
- Temp files

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