FNAF – animatronics and items

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FNAF mod contains the main animatronics and some items. In the mod: Chica; Freddie; Foxy; Golden Freddy; Bony; Zorrito Foxy; Osito Dorado; Pollito Chica; Big Boni; Guitar; Microphone; Sombrero hat; Monitor; Pizza and a few other extras for Melon Playground. name FNAF – animatronics and items Added by: melmod.com UPDATE 4 February, 2022 File format: … Read more

Minecraft – item pack

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A large Minecraft mod pack that will enable Melon Playground players to create a familiar atmosphere of the popular game. The mod includes: Many blocks; Lots of different food; Various helmets (can be worn), located in the clothing section; The weapons section will include axes, swords, explosives, pickaxes, and more. A feature of the mod … Read more

Pack for vegetables and fruits

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The pack includes: Grapes (2 varieties) Grape branches (2 varieties) Pineapple Pear (2 varieties) Carrots Avocado (2 varieties) Banana (2 varieties) Raw potatoes and peeled Cabbage (2 varieties) Tomato Orange slice Orange Cucumber Plum Author — @Denchiksuper132 name Pack for vegetables and fruits Added by: melmod.com UPDATE 4 October, 2022 File format: zip  File size: … Read more

Pak on the Vietnam War

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There is: american soldier American scout vietnam guerrilla Catacombs (small, require resize) American helicopter bell ah-1 Notes: Bell ah-1 takes off very hard name Pak on the Vietnam War Added by: melmod.com UPDATE September 29, 2022 File format: zip  File size: 42.53KB download How to unzip and place it in right directory!  1.Download the Pak … Read more

Explosives from People Playground

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Mod-pack of explosives from the game \”People Playground\”. The pack contains almost all the explosives and bombs from the computer sandbox. name Explosives from People Playground Added by: melmod.com UPDATE September 27, 2022 File format: zip  File size: 84.04KB download How to unzip and place it in right directory!  1.Download the Explosives from People Playground … Read more

Roblox Doors theme pack

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A couple of rooms and almost all the characters from the Roblox Doors mode. Who is: Hult Sik and Figure (nps) Spider Timothy Eyes Rash Scratch Sik Figure Ambush Cupboard Jack Rooms: Hult rooms (with blue light and stripes) Ordinary rooms (with black wallpaper and with green wallpaper) Author — @popchik_mopchik ru/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/http://melonsave.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/20221022235814-63548396dc36e.jpg\\\” alt=\\\”\\\” width=\\ »700\\» … Read more

Winter pack (New Year\’s)

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Winter pack with a New Year theme. What is: Deer Christmas tree with decorations Christmas tree with snow Snowflake Snow Bullfinch gerland Snowflake (can be made transparent and frozen) Reindeer (can be attached to a sled) Snow (enlarge if desired) Author — @Denchiksuper132 name Winter pack (New Year\’s) Added by: melmod.com UPDATE 16 June, 2022 … Read more

Grocery store

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Pak includes: Price tags: Weights, tea, rubber ring, kettle, plates, mugs, pumpkins, watermelon, apples and corn Basket and trolley in which you can put items Cashbox Scales that can be increased at will with resize Made by: @Denchiksuper132 name Grocery store Added by: melmod.com UPDATE 15 June, 2022 File format: zip  File size: 312.56KB download … Read more


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