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We have collected the Melon Sandbox & Melon Playground mods on various such as:npc mods ,weapons, animal mods, cars mods, furniture, tanks and technics, different buildings and many other..

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  • Melon Playground 22.0(Melon Sandbox)
    New Feature Workshop! -Create your personal account -Share your creations. Find other’s Mods and Saves by name, tag or author name.-Like or mark as favorite other’s creations
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Melon Playground Mods

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Melon Playground mods
Melon Playground mods

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I found out about Melon Playground at the end of 2021. It became my favorite game instantly.

Why did I decide to start my website?

Well, I’ve always been keen on an idea of opening my little blog where I can share Melon Playground mods,provide to download free melon playground mods, Thus now I have melmod.com.

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NameMelon Sandbox 22.0
Size110 MB
Downloads10 Million
release date January 21, 2024

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