Melon Playground 18.0(Melon Sandbox)

Melon Playground 18.0
melon pg
September 3
4.4 and up

iPhone IOS temporarily no update

Melon Sandbox 18.0.9

Melon Playground 18.0.9!

2nd Anniversary Update!
-New feature: Workshop! Download content rightfrom the game!
First Mods and Saves pack available in Workshop!
Holiday items!
-New Mod editor functions: You can upload whole
mod texture at once!

Minor light improvements and fixedStability and Performance improvements

Melon Playground 18.0 This is a very interesting simulation game, which has a wealth of items and props, so that players can freely show your imagination, simulate different scenes here, fully show their brain holes with the simplest operation, and simulate different scenes to decompress!

Melon Playground 17.0 game has set up destructible dummies for players. You can enjoy all kinds of damage to  robots , such as stabbing, burning, poisoning, tearing, vaporizing or crushing, to vent your frustrations.

melon playground VS People playground

Human playground is a pixel leisure decompression game, including melon playground, doll playground and matchman sandbox.

Melon playground and People playground are of the same kind. They were created by the author after being inspired by human playgrounds.

  1. Number of physical deliveries

Presumably, many people know that the combination objects of melon playground will cause [Block Throwing Knife] bugs in different ways

By contrast, the physical delivery times of People Playground are relatively stable

First: What is the number of physical deliveries

That is, the number of times objects collide in a time

It is easy to understand: People playground can perform up to 128 physical calculations in a second, which makes it difficult to break objects and ghost animals. That is, objects linked by cables will be reset in a moment, but melon playground is different. According to my opinion, melon playground should perform different physical calculations from People playground, which I don’t understand very well, It is also equivalent that the melon playground cannot be reset in a moment, resulting in the inability to restore the overall broken pieces, resulting in too much game computing and resulting in a stuck phenomenon (should be)

And the delivery times of People Playground can be adjusted, the maximum is 256

  1. Character hardness

This is very important. Most elements of the small theater are based on the hardness of the characters

Compared with the characters of Melon Playground, people in People Playground are hard and not easy to get hurt

However, the disadvantages of both sides are also very obvious. The people in People’s Playground are too stiff, which leads to various actions. For example, the bending of joints seems very stiff, but there are also many shortcomings of melon playground. Although the people are very flexible in their actions, they are very vulnerable to injury, and they will be crushed if they are not careful, which is also the most uncomfortable (the degree of injury that people in People’s Playground can bear can be changed)

  1. Game operation difficulty

The key position of People playground is complex, but compared with it, the operation of People playground is more flexible, and it can make huge machinery in a short time. Compared with the operating system of melon playground, it is more difficult. bug in object angle adjustment have troubled many People. Now it is more difficult to change the settings by double clicking, and it is OK to have a slight collision, which directly blocks the black screen

  1. Playability

The machinery, objects and guns of People’s playground are better than those of melon playground in these aspects. If the author of melon playground doesn’t drag it, I think it is possible to make machinery and objects like People’s playground

  1. Equipment requirements

The demand for devices in People Playground is not high, but most computers with low configurations will suffer from frame dropping and jamming. However, the configuration requirements of Melon Playground are relatively low. It is reasonable to say that there is no comparison between these two computer games and mobile games, but the price of People Playground is high enough

How to install melon playground 17.0 APK?

  1. Tap the downloaded melon playground APK file.
  2. Touch install.
  3. Follow the steps on the screen.

How to install melon playground?

  1. Download the APK file.
  2. Install the Split APK Installer app
  3. Open the app and tap on “Install melon playground APK”.
How to install mods in Melon Playground IOS/IPhone

1.Download  mods from the description

2.Download a mod and open the files app

3.If the file is a .zip click on the file to open its contents

4.Open the ios system comes with a folder

5.Select a .melmod or .melsave and click share

6.Click on the MelonPlayground icon to share it to MelonPlayground

7.Enter the game and click on ADD.

mods for melon playground ios does not support install multiple at once

After downloading the mod, please load the mod once in the game and then enter the map to use the mod. If it does not take effect, please restart the game.

After downloading different modules, each module may be placed in different categories in the menu bar on the left side of the map, please pay attention to find it.

Due to the problem of the game itself, using too many mods to load may cause black screen and freeze problems, which can be solved by clearing the mod function and restarting the game.

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  1. Bro Why is every time I open YouTube is says 1’87 update? what happened do you have to download it it’s getting a little annoying nowadays!

  2. Здравствуйте дорогие разработчики я все конечно понимаю но почему у меня скачивается место 18.0 17.2?


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