what happened to melon playground

 This game recently changed its name to Melon Sandbox for some reason, what is the reason?
what happened to melon playground

melon playground The developer replied: Due to some reasons for some time on android, the game has been changed in an unusual way. This is a temporary measure. We hope for your understanding.

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Melon Sandbox was updated on June 14, the latest version deleted the Melon,Pumpkin,Apple,corn charactersใ€‚

Do you want to have old characters Melon,Pumpkin,Apple,corn in the latest version of Melon Sandbox please download this Mods

(old characters)Melon,Pumpkin,Apple,corn


The specific reason may be related to the lawsuit some time ago. We don’t know the final result, but if you want to continue playing this game, please continue to pay attention to MelMod.com.

melon playground old version apk

Any version of Melon Playground distributed onmelmod.com is completely virus-free and free to download at no cost.

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