How To Fix melon playground not working

our team understands and shares your disappointment with game’s recent glitch. Our developers fixed the problem at a short notice, but, sadly, it’s release was postponed through no fault of our own.

How To Fix Google paly I can’t find melon playground?

melon playground official reply :‘For those who keep pinging me and asking me to update the game. The problem is in google play.
Its been already 8 days but still nothing news about the apps submission.

The problem with launching the game is related to Google Play. try this official melon playground 13.1

official apk , can be overwritten without uninstallation
Don’t worry, the mods won’t be lost

If the Google play melon playground 13.0 Android not working, crashes、black screen、white screen、

try this official melon playground 13.1 To Fix melon playground not working

d1 for melon playground mods
How To Fix melon playground not working 4
  • Melon Playground 15.1 download
    Melon Playground 27 Studio Simulation 67.25MB 15.1 6.0 and up 4.4 and up Melon Playground 15.1 Update 15.0! Added:– Vote winner: JEEP!– Sport accessories– New feature: Elements– Ads-free mode– New Vote was stated! Fixed:– UI optimisation– Bugs fixed Download Melon Playground 15.1 APK Because 13.2 package name changes,So 13.2 MODS installation path is Android/​data/​com.studio27.MelonPlayground/​files/​Mods Android/​data/​com.studio27.MelonPlayground/​files/Saves … Read more

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